Maria Antonescu

Maria Antonescu

massage therapist, movement instructor, and menstruation enthusiast 


Hi I’m Maria, a licensed massage therapist specializing in abdominal massage and pelvis mobility. I combine techniques and modalities learned over the last 20 years to personalize each clients’ session. Below I write more about some of my trainings and approaches to massage. If you are looking for something specific please email me so we can figure out if we’re a good fit.

Initial massage sessions are ninety minutes so we have ample time to go over your health form (which I email you), expectations, discuss our options, have a lovely massage session and discuss personalized self-care massage and/or alignment.

Bodies need self-care; our cells are starving for movement. Through massage, guided introspection, daily movement makeovers and alignment cues, my clients are better able to understand and connect with their bodies in a new way. Our bodies are ALWAYS working for us, the body’s job is regeneration - sometimes we have to get out of the way to let our body heal.

Once we relax, listen and learn to trust ourselves again, real healing happens. I’m here to hold space for people to reconnect with themselves.



H.A.R.T. Method

Holistic abdominal relief therapy (H.A.R.T.) techniques were traditionally midwifery techniques to help align the uterus into ideal position, which helps alleviate menstrual discomfort, common pregnancy complaints, digestive issues and pain in the hips and low back.


Maria’s Massage Mix

My massage mix is a compilation of the many different techniques and modalities I've learned over the last two decades. My base is esalen (long smooth connecting strokes) and Swedish massage.


Restorative Exercise

We are how we move. The way we sit can worsen our menstrual cramps. The way we stand may cause our headaches. Our stiff/weak feet are encouraging knee and hip issues. Through restorative exercise and alignment we can become aware and change our everyday habits that bring us dis-ease.

With restorative exercises I help you figure out which movements are missing in your everyday life and how to reintroduce these movements without needing extra time or equipment.
If we can’t move parts of us, we can't move the whole of us.


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